More FAQs is also available on the APAC COM series publication page.

  • FAQS

  • How does my organisation become a member of APAC?

    Organizations wishing to become an APAC Member or Affiliate are advised to read the Governance (GOV) documents, especially GOV-001 APAC Constitution and GOV-002 APAC Regulations and Codes, the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) documents on the APAC website. If your organization is suitable then please make contact with the APAC Secretariat (secretariat@apac-secretariat.org) to discuss your situation further.


  • Where can I find a list of accredited facilities in a particular economy?

    Please go to the specific website of the relevant APAC member as displayed on the Membership page.¬† You should be able to navigate to a directory or list of accredited conformity assessment bodies on that member’s website.