MRA series

APAC MRA-001 Procedures for Establishing and Maintaining Mutual Recognition Ver 1.15 (20221206)
APAC MRA-002 APAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement Ver 1.5 (20211117)
APAC MRA-003 APAC MRA Council – Rules for its Operation Ver 1.6 (20210131)
APAC MRA-004 Qualification Monitoring and Training of Evaluators Version 2.4 (20220811)
APAC MRA-005 Joint Evaluation with Other Region Ver 1.2 (20201027)
APAC MRA-006 Guide for the Planning and Conduct of Evaluations Ver 1.4 (20221206)
APAC MRA-007 Management of Observers at Evaluations Ver 1.0 (20190101)
APAC MRA-008 MRA Council Proxy Procedure Ver 1.0 (20190101)
APAC MRA-009 Performing Remote Evaluations Ver 1.2 (20220303)

APAC FMRA 001 Endorsed Normative Documents Ver 1.15 (20221017)
APAC FMRA-002 MRA Application Form Ver 1.7 (20230129)
APAC FMRA-003 MRA Application Checklist Ver 1.0 (20190101)
APAC FMRA-004 Peer Evaluator Nomination Form Ver 1.7 (20220727)
APAC FMRA-005 APAC Evaluation Control Record Ver 3.1 (20230124)
APAC FMRA-006 APAC Peer Evaluation Feedback Form Ver 1.0 (20190101)
APAC FMRA-007 Evaluation Team Leader Performance Monitoring Form Ver 1.2 (20210402)
APAC FMRA-008 Peer Evaluator Performance Monitoring Form Ver 1.6 (20220301)
APAC FMRA-009 Evaluator Training Course Participant Evaluation Form Ver 1.0 (20190101)
APAC FMRA-010 Nomination of Additional MRA Council Alternate Ver 1.0 (20190101)
APAC FMRA-011 Ver 1.0 (20190101) Withdrawn
APAC FMRA-012 List of CABs Witnessed and Files Reviewed during Evaluation Ver 1.0 (20190101)
APAC FMRA-013 Evaluation Report Review Checklist Ver 1.1 (20200709)
APAC FMRA-014 Evaluation Schedule (available to APAC Members on the Evaluation tab after login)
APAC FMRA-015 Evaluators List (available to APAC Members on the the Evaluators tab after login)
APAC FMRA-016 ERP Summary Report Vers 1.3 (20210521)
APAC FMRA-017 APAC MRA Certificate Template Version 1.5 (20211103)
APAC FMRA-018 Letter of Appointment for APAC Evaluation Teams Ver 1.5 (20211014)
APAC FMRA-019 Accreditation Body Evaluation Documentation Checklist Ver 1.3 (20220131)
APAC FMRA-020 APAC MRA Scope Extension Report Vers 1.0 (20200526)
APAC FMRA-021 Remote Evaluation Checklist and Risk Assessment Ver 1.0 (20201020)

IAF-ILAC_A3_03_2020 Evaluation report template – Full version (PDF format)
IAF-ILAC F1.1-A3_2020 (March 2020) for use in APAC evaluations
IAF MLA MC 28 IAF MLA Subscope Extension Self-declaration Form