This page lists all APAC Members and Affiliates. A downloadable list, including the scopes and sub-scopes of all APAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) signatories, can be found in APAC FGOV-011. APAC has:
– 61 Full Members across 33 economies that are APAC MRA signatories
– 7 Associate Members across 6 economies; and
– 15 Affiliates across 12 economies.

All APAC Members and Affiliates have committed to fulfilling the requirements of GOV-001 APAC Constitution and GOV-002 APAC Regulations and Codes.

Please note that APAC Associate Members and Affiliates are not APAC MRA signatories and any accreditation services that they provide are not recognised under the APAC MRA because Associate Members or Affiliates have not been peer evaluated. Likewise, the accreditation services of APAC Members that have had their APAC MRA signatory status suspended are also not recognised under the APAC MRA.

The APAC Members and Affiliates are listed in order of their economy.